iO Pages is a magazine that primarily focuses on progressive and symphonic rock, but also covers other related genres such as electronic, jazz-rock, fusion, prog metal, progressive pop, space rock, gothic and psychedelic rock. The magazine is written in Dutch, can only be acquired with a subscription and has seven issues a year. Below you'll find an overview of the articles I've written in 2020.


iO Pages 168


  • Amahiru - Amahiru
  • Bergeton - Miami Murder
  • East Temple Avenue - Both Sides Of Midnight
  • Need - Norchestrion: A Song For The End
  • Song Of Anhubis - Reversed Reflection

iO Pages 167


  • Amaranthe - Manifest
  • ANYONE - On The Ending Earth
  • Jaded Star - Realign
  • Memoira - Carnival of Creation
  • Soul Secret - Blue Light Cage

iO Pages 166


  • Minco Eggersman, Theodoor Borger, Aaron Parks & Óskar Gudjónsson - Unifony II
  • I Am Waiting For You Last Summer - Self-Defence
  • The Progressive Souls Collective - Sonic Birth

iO Pages 165


  • Kenziner - Phoenix
  • Lucid Dream - The Great Dance Of The Spirit
  • Novatia - Discover